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Working on the Office...

Typically speaking you do work in an office, but in this case, I am working on the office!

My home office needed a little face lift, it was rather uninspiring and given the creativity I use within my work, I needed to derive the same inspiration from my workplace.

Your office design and decor is such a crucial space to really get right. Having a space that inspires you can completely change your work ethic and productivity. There are many studies that show the effects of colour, light, plants, air quality, sound, sight line to nature and so on. Here are some personal tips on how to incorporate these elements.

A fresh coat of paint, something that appeals to your personal taste, in my case I like something warm, bright, I use "simply white by Benjamin Moore". I like a mix of natural light, in my office I use white shear curtains so light can still come in the space while having privacy if necessary, I also love the use of lamps, they create a subtle, warm light without having bright overhead lighting always on. Plants are always a great additional to the space, they are pretty to look at and add a pop of colour. Sound, this is specific to everyone, in my office we have a turtle tank and the filter is positioned to make a really pretty water feature sound. I also like to have candles, pretty art work, comfy seating and a cozy carpet.

Here's the thing, an office space is completely individual. Its the one part of the home when I design for a client that I would consider designing completely different from the rest of the house. Traditionally speaking, I would try to incorporate elements and style throughout the house, into the rest of the house being renovated. However, with an office space it is so important to completely individualize the space and make it the best possible space to increase productivity.

L & J

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