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Bathroom Design Tips

A bathroom renovation is one of my favourite parts of the home to design. It is part of the home that is always completely separate, I hope there is no open concept bathrooms, so it is a space that can have its very only design flair.

1. That being said, tip #1, my main design tip that apply's to all spaces, that I always preach is to keep things neutral. There are ways to always add a pop of colour, adding coloured towels, candles, art work, shower curtain, plants, even the wall colour. There are easy elements to add colour without being committed to colour, that way it is easy to change things up through different trends.

2. Leading to my next point, tip #2, don't over follow trends. Trends come up in many different ways, tiles, fixtures, hardware, etc, cycles through different trends, my tip is to always design for your style, design for longevity and ensure if your adapting a trend to your design it is because you love the trend, not just because it is a trend.

3. I always like to design a space to specific needs. Consider the time you spend in your bathroom then adapt style to these items. For example; I love baths, I also really love spas, so in my bathroom design I tried to incorporate elements to make me feel as though I am at the spa when I am in the bath. I designed a tranquil space, warm white walls, neutral tile floor, gold and wood accents. I added candles of course and plants which to me adds that spa feel. Tip #3, reflect on you space, design it for you.

4. Add the heated floors! Tip #4, just add the heated floors!!! If you are using tile, that's tip #5 use tile, always do tile in bathrooms, it doesn't cost that much more then other material options, it is more luxurious, better investment, easier to clean, use tile. Heated floors make a huge impact, it warms your toes obviously but it also warms up the entire bathroom, it makes those late night strips to the bathroom less of a shock when your feet don't get cold and it is a good investment.

5. Tip #6 use darker grout. It is tempting to use white grout for many tile options, however if you can avoid white grout, it will make cleaning the bathroom easier and maintaining the clean look as white grout just never stays white.

Have fun designing your bathroom, use that bold paint colour, dabble with wallpaper, add scented candles, just make sure any design selections you make are timeless and you will enjoy for many years to come, taking up tile is not fun!

L & J

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