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The Design Process...

The design process can be overwhelming, at L & J we try to make it as fun and as seamless as possible.

First thing first, we have to establish your style. A lot of the time this can be a challenging process to narrow down what someone likes and dislikes. This sounds funny right!? I like white, I dislike purple. It really isn’t that simple though, especially when designing a space that is hopefully going to be within your home for a long time.

I like to start with having my clients take some time to look through pictures, I typically suggest Pinterest as it is easy to create inspiration boards and easily categorize images, especially if it’s for a full house project. This is a great way to identify aspects within a space that pop out, are visually appealing and desired within the space. You can’t put too much pressure on this step of the process, it should be organic and done a small-time interval. Meaning, you can’t sit down for an eight hour session and decide what you want in your design, it takes time.

Once inspiration images are gathered, I like to go through this with my clients, typically at this stage there are key elements of the design the client has chosen. For example, in a bathroom renovation at this point the client will know what tile they like as it continues to pop up in images that they save. Once base elements of the design have been chosen, we build the design from there choosing the rest of the finishes. A good thing to remember is sometimes you may love something within your inspiration images, but it just can’t be found! So don’t get too literal.

After everything is selected, I create a design board virtually as well as with physical samples and a rendering in order to see the design come together. Sometimes once everything is shown together, there may need to be some changes.

It sounds easy written out on paper (or on Microsoft word), but it can defiantly be a process, so we try to go through it step by step to find the best end result! Make sure to stick with it, don’t be discouraged, it is worth taking the time to bring your vision into reality.

L & J

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