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Table Decor

I like to show different types of decor options in my instagram stories, so if you don't have us on instagram, click the link on our website and follow along. @landjdesignandrenovation

There are a few main items I like to add for table decor;

  1. I like to start with a table runner. Especially with our wood harvest tables, a runner is a nice way to break of the wood and add a central point to the table. Adding a textile to the table also offers a warmer feel and visual interest.

  2. For coffee tables I am a fan of a tray, it's a practical item to add that can be decorated, but also hold items you may need such as glasses, remotes, etc.

  3. Candles are a must for me, they add variations in height, smell beautiful and add to the ambience of the room. I love playing around with different heights with candle sticks and change up the scents depending on the season.

  4. Books are soooo amazing to add to coffee table decor. They can add height, layers and colour to your decor. It is practical to have reading material in your living room, while also being great conversation starters. I have mine stacked on my coffee table with remote candles on top.

  5. A plant, I feel like you can never go wrong with a plant. Greenery is typically my go to colour for decorating, so I love adding a place to the space. In my living room the plant sits in the tray and flows over.

As I always mention, adding versatile pieces of decor that you can change up throughout your home will make decorating that much better!

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