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Where to go?!?

Where do you go to get different pieces to add to your home? There are sooooo many options to choose from! Here are some of my favs!

First, I love to start local, I try really hard to check in with local small businesses. Some of my fav places to shop for decor include: The Lemonade Stand in Uxbridge, The Re-Store, Port Perry's Vintage Market, Sandhill Market in Burks Falls (its near our cottage) and the list goes on! I find that the most random purchases, when you aren't planning to go shopping and stumble across a great store, always end up being the best items!

We love to use local suppliers for construction supplies as well, Rona in Uxbridge and Schell Lumber in Stouffville are our go-to's, as well as Discount Tile in Stouffville for all our tile needs.

I have also added many unique pieces to our house that I have collected over the years, most of our main pieces of furniture Josh made out of reclaimed barn board, I have baskets saved from barn tear downs, furniture pieces I have re-done that belonged in my parents first apartment, garage sale items, items I have picked up from the side of the road. My favourite pieces are the ones that tell a storey and add character to our home.

Regarding big supply chain stores:

- Ikea, is great for pillows, duvet covers, storage options, kitchens, candles, lanterns, office furniture, greenery, always check our their scratch and dent at the end of the store.

- Winners, I typically get my pillows and blankets there.

- Home Depot, they of course have a bit of everything, we use there kitchens in clients houses sometimes.

- Loblaws, especially the large ones have nice decor options, candle holders, trays, flannel sheets.

- Bouclairs, has everything decor wise.

- Walmart is my go to for carpets and picture frames.

- Costco, the best dog beds!

My design tip: I have said it before, don't rush out to supply chain stores in hopes to decorate a room all in one day, "Gather" your items over time, they will ensure your house feels homey, has character and interesting items, sometimes new isn't always better.

L & J

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