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What Do You Like About Your Home?

Seriously? What do you like? Do you ever take a second and look around your home? How does it make you feel?

Your home, which yes is very different then your house, your home should… well to put it simply, your home should make you happy! So, I think it is important to reflect, take a moment, look back at photos or memories of where your house was when you first moved in and think about how it makes you feel today!

When Josh and I first purchased our home five years ago, we decorated it the best we could, we had mismatch furniture, pieces given to us from family members, we had put all our money into purchasing our new house, that we just made due with the contents for a while.

Slowly over time we made the house our home, Josh made several of the furniture pieces we have in our house including our coffee table, entry way table, dining table and gate. We created new pieces from old pieces, replacing table tops with barn board, fresh coats of paint and new hardware. My mom and I did many, MANY Ikea trips, arriving home at 10:00 p.m and then having to patiently wait until morning to place my new finds around the house. I have scavenged online sale groups, yard sales and antique stores finding unique pieces to add to our home.

BUT… when I sit back and look around, I truly feel happy in our home! Each item throughout our house was meticulously picked out and placed within our home. I have moved, changed around, removed pieces and mixed and match pieces several times to say the least and as a designer my home is always a work in progress. We don’t have a large house, it’s just big enough for Josh and I and our fur babes, but it is the first house that we purchased and it truly puts a smile on my face when I look around!

I think we sometimes get to wrapped up, whether it be trying to stay current with the design trends, feeling like you have to be in the same position as your friend’s homes, getting the latest and greatest, feeling like everything has to be brand new to be good… whatever the case may be for you, STOP! Stop over thinking it, try to tackle a room one by one, sit in a room and look around… does it make you happy? What would make it more appealing to you? Then do it!

As a designer, my number one goal after I complete a project, is to see how it makes my client feel. There are so many tools to use to change the feel of a space, colour, pattern, placement of furniture, décor, lighting and the list goes on. There is truly endless possibilities to make a space uniquely special to the occupants, don't just settle.

So, how do you feel about your home? Look around!

L & J

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