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Using Books as Decor...

Who new a simple item like a book could have so many uses? Besides the obvious reason… for reading of course, a book can provide a great decor option as well.

  1. Stacking books on top of one another is a great way to provide height. It looks visually appealing, provides interest and allows you to have something great for your guests to read. Although if you guests start reading a book during a dinner party you may need to re-read Magnolia Table and provide a more exciting dinner (haha!).

  2. Books can also provide a way to add a pop of colour to a space. Choosing a nice coloured book to place on a night table let's say, can allow for a simple, easy way to add a pop of colour.

  3. Adding books to a cushioned space such as a fabric ottoman can provide a stable surface to add decor onto.

  4. Books standing up in shelves, such as built in’s beside a fireplace or shelves in a kitchen can offer a visually appealing decor option.

  5. Design tip: if you don’t like the spine of the book simply reverse it, this still achieves the desired look whether it be to achieve height, colour, stability or visual appeal.

  6. Bonus: its basically like recycling too and if you don’t like a book at least it can make a nice decor piece, just buy pretty books!

L & J

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