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Transition Time...

When do you transition your décor from fall to…? Do you go to regular décor of right to Christmas, so many decisions, what to do next!

Well… there is no right or wrong answer here. I can just provide ideas based on what I do.

I LOVE season changes, not only does my wardrobe change, my house décor does to. From décor pieces, candles, pillows, throw blankets and more, it’s always fun to mix and match, changing around the look of our home. It’s basically the best thing for an interior designer, change and an excuse to decorate!

I like to leave my fall décor up until after Halloween, then when I have time, I go through and remove the fall décor to pack away for next year. I typically put most of my regular décor back including the table centerpiece, entry table, pillows and blankets. But I don’t go to crazy, because its only like this for a month.

Then…. DECEMBER! WAHOOO! I love December, I love Christmas décor. Once I do a thorough clean of the house, I choose my colour for Christmas. I bring up or rather Josh brings up the many, MANY boxes of Christmas décor and the fun begins. Once I have decorated, I decide if I need any more pieces to finish off the look, I like to add a little bit to my collection each year.

My Mom and I love to go to the William Ashley Sale, it’s a tradition we started two years ago and we get some awesome Christmas décor!

I love traditions, there is a certain place we always put our Christmas tree at our house and my parents, but I also love playing around with different décor in different places, it makes decorating fun! The point is there is no right or wrong time frame to put up or bring your décor down, a lot of the time I just do it when the weather actually changes and I get inspired to change things up!

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