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Our Bedroom Decor Upgrade...

Our bedroom is a little sanctuary in my eyes, Josh and I have started an amazing tradition of waking up on Sunday morning and having coffee in bed, sometimes breakfast too! We chat over coffee, read, watch a show, just relax and spend time together. I also love going to bed early to watch a show or read before bed. So... since we spend so much time in this room, it is the first room we tackled for the upgrades we are doing in our home.

As I tell all my clients to do, I started with Pinterest and Instagram, looking through photos deciding what I liked and disliked. From there, I picked pieces for inspiration, a beautiful hand made quilt gifted to us and a painting my great grandmother painted. After I had the design figured out I started collecting the pieces I needed, my Mom and I made one of our infamous trips to Ikea! I picked up the dresser we would use for a diy project, a cream colour duvet cover, white curtains, two cream vases. and a new cream knit throw. Previously from Ikea we had our lamps, gold tray and greenery.

First Josh did our new accent wall. We had previously had grey wallpaper, so Josh applied a coat of paint and then the pine boards. I wanted a rustic look, so we applied a quick coat of Simply White by Benjamin Moore and we were done!

Our new t.v stand which is a diy project took a bit of time. We started with a pine Ikea dresser, once it was assembled Josh added a new pine top and pine to enclose the bottom. Next, we attached pine to the front drawers to add a box accent, once it was stained we added brass pulls I purchased from Ikea.

Our night tables were originally from my Moms first apartment, Josh cut the legs from the matching coffee table in order to lift the height of the night tables, we painted them white, which I think is the fifth colour they have been painted. We added barn board top and shelf, along with gold knobs.

Our bed was another diy project that we did years ago, we purchased a bed frame for $50 from Marketplace, we sanded and painted the bed and on assembly Josh added structural support.

Our last diy project for this room was an olive tree. This is such a trending interior decor piece, but I love having twinkle lights on at night, so an olive tree was the perfect place to put these. The second time around (I didn't like the shape of the first one I made) I got a branch from my parents backyard. I got a basket from Amazon, I put a pot inside and added foam both from Walmart, then stuck my branch in the middle. From there I drilled holes into the branches and attached olive branches from Amazon. Finally I strung warm lights throughout!

Other items in our room I gathered over a few weeks, visiting the Lemonade Stand in Uxbridge for block wood signs for my dresser and the centre accent pillow for the bed. I also discovered a new store in Lindsay called White Willow Loft where I got a vase from and other pieces for around the house.

This project was fun to put together! I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

L & J

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