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How Did The J Get Here...

Josh excelled throughout high school at the trades; automotive class and wood shop being his favourite subjects. I know right, given that he now earns a living in the trades, maybe just maybe there was a greater purpose to high school, just like they told us! Josh wasn’t …. how do I put it … the perfect student, he lived out his little rebellious years throughout high school! However, Josh started working as a contractor young, beginning to develop his skills in grade 9.

Grade 9, I think there is very few people that truly know what they enjoy doing so young…so why did Josh start out so young in his field of work???

Well it all started with a dirt bike… Josh wanted to purchase a new dirt bike, so he got a summer job as a contractor! Throughout high school he continued to work on weekends and summers developing his skills. Out of high school he continued in the field and 15 years later… he has never left!

Throughout the years, Josh has worked along side many experienced contractors showing him different techniques and skills. What’s that expression Josh likes to use …oh yes…”Jack of all trades, master of none!” Josh is a General Contractor, he has experience in a wide range of skills within the industry and although he uses that expression to try to get out of tasks like …painting our house, he is actually very good at a variety of skill sets.

Along with framing, flooring, tiling, window installation, countertop install and so on, Josh is a master at the art of mudding. He is very meticulous at the tedious process of mudding, although he doesn’t like me telling people this is one of his strengths! ☺

I think in theory if you ask Josh what his dream job would be, it would be snowmobiling professionally, however seeing as how this is realty, the combination of Josh’s construction experience and my design experience has allowed our “reality dream job” to come true. Perhaps not actually an expression, but I used quotes so I am making it one!

L & J

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