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Do You Like Colour?

Do you? Do you have a favourite colour? Do you have a certain colour your enjoy wearing? Fav lipstick shade? Go to colour when you're picking out clothes? But do you have a hard time choosing a colour for your home?

I did!

Throughout my schooling to become an Interior Designer, a large part of what we learned is colour theory, how colours make you feel, how colours make the space feel and how to incorporate colour. Well guess what!? My go to clothing of choice is black and white, I typically wear nude lipstick and I painted my entire house white! And you know what…. That’s okay too! So let’s talk about it.

I think its important to know that not incorporating colour in your home is okay if that’s what you like. I think its equally important to know that there are ways to add subtle bits of colour that are not to dramatic and add a nice pop! I personally enjoy changing up my decor depending on the season, I also have about five different colours of Christmas decor (not to be used all at once, lets not get to crazy!), so I decided to do a very neutral palette for my house, white walls, beige couch, wood accents, all very neutral.

I find this exciting… artist moment here… its like always have a blank canvas. Having versatile pieces within our home, allows me to play around with a multitude of different colours. We have talked about this before… having a blank slate allows you to change up your decor items, pillows, throw blankets, carpets, runners and so on, without breaking the bank.

The other thing that I lovvveee doing, is using greenery as my pop of colour! Our house might be starting to look like a jungle because plants are the only piece of decor I can purchase right now in stores. So basically every week I feel like I am adding to my plant collection, buttttt greenery and flowers are an amazing way to add colour naturally to your home. Its funny too, because if you had asked me for a colour to use in your home, green wouldn’t be the first thing to come to mind, but now for my spring decor I have green pillows on my couch and now I love green!

Similarly, I use a lot of flowers, typically fake ones, white flowers in a tall glass vase on the dining table or I even have yellow (again not a colour I would think to use) upstairs in my office, they look great with gold decor!

I like using this form of added colour, specifically plants and flowers, its a great way first the obvious to add a pop of colour, I like how natural and homey they look, I like that they are versatile and can be moved around our home and honestly most of all because they make me smile! Plants, flowers and candles, don't ask me why, but they make me happy!

So, my challenge to you, is if you are like me and don’t love having lots of colour throughout your house, experiment, the next time you are buying groceries pick up a plant or get a bundle of flowers, see if you like it! My Mom and I have a running joke we say “it doesn’t speak to me or it speaks to me” meaning if you buy a plant for your entry table and every time you water it, it feels like a chore to you (you don’t like it, it doesn’t speak to you) then clearly plants are not for you! However, if every time you look over at your entry table, your new plant addition makes you smile, then it speaks to you and maybe you should add a few more throughout your house.

Disclaimer: Hopefully your plants don’t literally speak to you, it’s just supposed to just be a saying.

If plants aren’t your thing, buy a coloured throw blanket, start small, see how you can play around with colour in your space because trust me, once you find the colour that speaks to you, it will change your outlook on colour for sure!

L & J

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