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A Different Perspective...

Do you have a specific spot in your home that you typically sit? After dinner when you go sit down to read a book or watch television in your living room is there a specific spot you always gravitate towards?

Josh and I have “our spots” on the couch. So much so, that even our animals have become accustomed to where we sit and therefore where they sit. We didn’t “claim” them or purposely decide what “our spots” were, it just progressively happened over time.

When our family or friends visit our home, they will jokingly say “do you want your spot back.”

People are creatures of habit, we tend to stick to the same routine, what you do when you get up in the morning, fav coffee shop and order, certain route you take to work, best walking trail… your spot on the couch.

So… my challenge to you is to break out of your habit and explore!

Start small, as I write this, I am not sitting on “my spot” on the couch, I am sitting on a seat in our living room that never gets sat on. It is enlightening to get a new perspective from this spot. For starters, I need to now go move my couches and vacuum under them (haha, but seriously!). It has also given me a few new design ideas because I am looking at things in a new light (figuratively and literally)!

Start small whatever that means to you, choose a different seat, take a different way home from work, try a different coffee shop and ask the barista to surprise you with a different drink. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone and dive into a new adventure!

L & J

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